Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Lumpy Day.

It feels like its been forever! This is my week of finals at school, so I'm stressed to the max. (What else is new?!) Its almost over though!

Needless to say I woke up this morning feeling like a big lump. I just felt crummy. I mean, how can you not when its 10 degrees outside? I could not get myself going, so I ended up going back to sleep for an hour. Oops. I felt better when I woke up and ended up getting some Christmas shopping done.

When I got home I still wasn't in the mood to go to the gym. Plus it was a leg day, which I'm not gonna lie...are my least favorites. So what's a girl to do?
Bring the leg brutality at home:

First I grabbed a heavy bag of road salt and did step-ups on a kitchen chair. These were rough!  I also managed to make dinner in between sets ;)
Then I dragged out my full-body mirror and barbell for some dead lifts, squats and lunges.

Took about an hour, not as heavy as I would have done if I got my butt to the gym, but this week is wearing me out and I just want to sleep sleep sleep.

While out shopping today I took my first trip to Trader Joe's and snagged a few goodies.

PEANUT FLOUR! Holy crap, I am so excited about this. I already cracked it open and mixed it with water, stevia and a little sea salt and ate it with greek yogurt. 31 grams of protein, what up!
I also got some balsamic vinagairette that I marinaded some chicken in for dinner and can't wait to try it with tempeh too.

I've been doing good with keeping my sweet teeth at bay at night, here are some of my latest snacks/meals:

Breakfast cookie! (Dipped in greek yogurt)
Made with oats, mashed banana, almond milk, natural peanut butter and vanilla protein powder. I popped it into the freezer to speed up the hardening.

Frozen greek yogurt, banana, cherries, cinnamon and peanut butter. I'd also like you to meet my new PB lover..

Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts. That's what's up.

Pesto tuna pita. I couldn't resist snapping a picture because of how neat it looks. Haha, I quickly made a mess of it though :)

In other news, it snowed like crazy the other night and the roads were pure ice. I ended up losing control of my jeep, more than once, and spinning out (don't worry, I was giggling like a little kid the whole time, winter driving doesn't bother me.) I managed to live though. My boyfriend is also a sweetheart for filling up my tires when I was too cold and lazy to..

I seriously hate working on my truck or doing anything to it in the winter..or even thinking about it. I'd much rather work out in the humidity than in the cold.  My tire was down to 5psi (should be at 30). We couldn't find the leak though.

This big beast is just my project Jeep though. I do have another Jeep that isn't so heavily modified and does much better in the snow and on long distance trips. I just drive this one around town because it's fun as heck. I can't wait to get it fixed up and back in action though..

Tomorrow I have to meet with my Algebra teacher, finish/submit my research paper and finish my speech which is due friday (counts as my final!). I also plan to do more gift shopping. I'm exhausted just thinking about it, but happy baking thoughts are keeping me motivated ;) good night!


  1. So glad you found the peanut flour!! I'm not sure if you use sugar free maple syrup (or regular) but peanut flour mixed with it is delicious!

    And what a great idea for an at home workout!

    Oh, and good luck with all your finals!! I'm in the same boat..last ones today!

  2. Whooo you will LOVE peanut flour! oh my goodness-it is great in smoothies and shakes and basically anything!
    love your home workout too, that is so cool how you used ur resources to make do!