Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Five!

Five Kick-Ass Push-up Variations;

1) One-legged

2) Legs Elevated
(See how my head is up in those two? Don't do that. Your chin should be down so  your spine can be kept in a straight line!)

3) Rotational
4) Diamond Handed
5) Spiderman

Five Moves To Do On One leg;

1) Side Plank
2) Romanian Dead Lift

3) Split Squat
Best done with dumbbells in hands :) (why is there an orb on my butt?!?)

4) Pistol Squat
I WISH I could do these. It helps to assist yourself by holding on to something while doing these.

5) Step-Ups

Five Ways To Improve Your Strength Training;

1) Bar Hold: to improve your grip strength.
Load the bar with heavy weight, grip shoulder width apart with an overhand grip and hold for 20-60 seconds. (excuse my puny bar/plates, it's all I have for home!)

2) Squats: push the floor and use your hips!
When coming up from the squat, imagine pushing the floor down away from you rather than lifting your body up. This helps to get more out of your leg muscles. Also, always start by pushing your hips back, not by bending your knees.

3) Pull-ups: squeeze your shoulder blades together!
While doing pull-ups, pretend there's an orange between your shoulder blades and you need to squeeze the juice out of it with your shoulder blades.

4) Deadlifts: squeeze what your mama gave ya!
When pulling up during a deadlift, squeeze your glutes (your butt) hard the same way you'd clench your fists.

5) Try Skullcrushers on an incline.
This lets your beat your triceps up from a different angle, therefore lightin' up the fire for new muscle growth.

Five Random Things I Dig;

1) Battle scars

2) Apples and Dates
Dates are deliciously gooey and taste like candy, paired with an apple..I'm in love.

3) Cinderella
Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess.

4) Meerkats
I used to watch the heck out of Meerkat Manor. They are so funny when they fall asleep and topple over!

5) Palm trees
It was 15 degrees on my way to school today. Get me out of here!!
I've always wanted to spend Christmas somewhere that was warm and never got snow and to see all the palm trees with Christmas lights on them. It's been so cold lately that I have to have a wrestling match with my transmission in order to shift while driving until it warms up. It gets violent and I usually lose the match..

Time to get the weekend started. Enjoy :)

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