Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas; Part Two.

After lazing (is that a word?!) around the house all day on Christmas, I headed out at night to congratulate these lovelies on their wedding:

(Travis, Iris, Me, Steve. Not sure why I'm so hunched over...)

Travis heads back to North Carolina for more training on the 28th, he had just been home for the holidays.

Yes, that's Father Time himself in the background ;) Every picture we have of Travis he is making some ridiculous face, by accident. It's awesome.

Look at the adorable cake Steve's Mom made for them:

Very festive and impressive for only having a few days notice! It was half chocolate and half vanilla :)  After dinner, coffee and cake everyone split and Steve, Jim, the newlyweds and I headed back to their hotel room.

Everyone got changed and we headed to the hotel bar. We got a little rowdy by sharing stories of how we all met and other shenanigan stories. We gave the bartender and the other guests quite a giggle.
Tell me that's not the best post-wedding face ever, ha ha. See, I told you we kept catching Travis during awkward faces :) We left a little after 10pm, when the bar closed and on our way home took a ride through the park to look at the holiday lights display.

I hit the gym this morning, dragging Steve with me. Today was a "back" day for me and full body for him. I did:
  • One Arm DB Rows - 35-40lbs/arm
  • Inverted Rows - bodyweight (These are so hard! I wasn't able to get my chest to the bar...hello new goal!)
  • Face Pulls - 37lbs
  • Deadlifts - 100lbs(?) I'm not sure how much the bar weighs.
  • Barbell Rows - eep! lost track of weight!
  • Cable Rows - 30-40lbs 
  • Wide Grip Pull-Ups - with the machine set at 70-80lbs assist.
...Sorry it's kind of all over the place weight-wise, I was trying to keep track of Steve's workout and weights as well as my own, so I can't exactly remember what I did for each set. I did 4 sets of each though, 6-12 reps (some were pyramid sets).

I got to try out this new bad boy when I got home. I feel so spoiled using whipped up my shake in about a minute which is incredible compared to how long my old one would take..

I snagged a sample of chocolate protein powder from GNC the other day and made a Chocolate Peanut Butter shake :) I love chocolate, but I'm not a big fan of chocolate shakes or icecream, this turned out delicious! (I definitely typed turked out instead of turned. I must have Christmas leftovers on the brain..)

Here we are now, getting snowed in. 12-18 inches is predcited and the wind sounds like it's going to blow the house over. Bleh! I have an interview tomorrow at a personal training studio that I would love to work at and I'm worried the snow is going to mess it up!

 A blizzard is a great excuse to curl up with blankets and hoodies..and bake!..So that's what I'm going to do for the rest of the day! xoxo

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  1. I love the pictures- your shirt is really cute!

    How did you make your shake? I've tried putting PB in it but I can never taste it darnet!

  2. It's so snowy here too! I love it, but it makes me want to hibernate!!!

    Adorable cousin just married a marine, the wedding was lovely!