Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Humbug Day!

Brace yourself for a good news/bad news post :)

Bad news: True story, December 21st is Humbug Day. Copyrighted and all.
Good news: Ironically it's also Look On The Bright Side Day.

aw, jeez.

Best Good News: Peanut Flour Recipes!

If ya love it so much, why don't ya marry it? :)

Double Peanut Butter Pancakes;

1/4 cup peanut flour
1/2 cup egg whites
Splash of vanilla almond milk
1/2 tsp baking powder
vanilla extract
loads of cinnamon

Mix all the goodies together in a bowl and cook in a frying pan sprayed with pam (or similar) on medium heat until the top gets bubbly, then flip. These cook up very fast. I'm not sure how many it makes, I just spoon random amounts onto the pan...I usually get about 4 or 5 though.

My Toppings; Cinnamon raisin peanut butter, bananas, sugar free syrup and more cinnamon!
(Not pictured: my drool ;) )

Peanut Butter Banana Protein Shake;

1/2 sliced frozen banana
30g or 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder
1/2 cup vanilla almond milk
around 10g of peanut flour
1 cup crushed ice
Loads of cinnamon

Mix in blender and enjoy!

Peanut Butter Honey Drink;

1/2 Container of honey flavored greek yogurt (I used Chobani)
10g of peanut flour
1/2 banana
1/4 cup vanilla almond milk
1 cup of crushed ice, or less
Cinnamon, lots!

Mix and slurp! It comes out more watery than a smoothie.

Peanut Butter and Cream Cheese Fruit Dip;

1/4 cup peanut flour
Pinch of salt
1 packet of stevia
Cinnamon (optional)
2 tablespoons of cream cheese

Mix the first five ingredients together, add enough water to get the consistency you'd like. Then add in the cream cheese and mix. Eat with apples or bananers!

More Good news: I'm done with classes until next semester! I go back exactly a month from today and this month is going to FLY by, I know it.
Bad news: The past couple weeks have been nothing but rough, between finals and the holiday.  I'm not a big fan of the holidays. I really don't have any family besides my Dad to celebrate with, so the holidays are kind of a big bummer for me. (Guess I'm not celebrating look on the bright side day! haha) So I've been spending a lot of time kind of bummin' around, going through the motions and...sleeping. Hence, why I haven't updated in so long, my bad!

Good news: I've been keeping up with training though of course :) Yesterday looked like this:

Workout; back.
  • One arm DB rows.
  • Cable rows.
  • Face pulls.
  • Wide grip pull-ups (still assisted..)
  • Lat pulldowns.
  • Deadlifts.
Good news: I upped my dumb bell rows to 40lbs/arm and did 90lbs of added weight on my deadlifts.
Bad news: I had been seriously underestimating myself on deadlifts by only adding 50lbs onto the bar before! I'm definitely feeling it today though and will definitely be taking the day off..since I went back to the gym at night with Steve, Mike and Jen because I finally convinced Steve to start going, after 3 years. I didn't work out though, I just showed them a

Basic full-body strength workout:
  • DB Rows.
  • Chest presses.
  • Shoulder Presses.
  • Deadlifts.
  • Squats.
  • Lat pull-downs.
  • Rope pull-downs.
  • Curls.
I'm so proud of Steve, he hates the gym and working out (I guess opposites do attract..) but he made it through the whole thing and even put up with me poking him in the armpits while doing shoulder presses :)
worst. trainer. ever.

Dinner tonight was cajun-rubbed tempeh strips with green beans and smashed sweet taters:

I also decorated cookies today too. I'm not a total Miss. Scrooge yet...

Yes there are Jeep cookies in there. Nerdy much?

I'll end this post with a good read:


  1. Yum peanut flour recipes!! And those cookies are darling! We made sugar cookies but didn't frost them because I'm too lazy..but now I'm re-thinking that!

  2. That PB shake sounds delicious!

    I have some PB2, which is similar to peanut flour, so I plan on trying it as soon as I can get my hands on some bananas. :)