Monday, January 31, 2011

Gimme that funk.

I haven't been able to get this song out of my head all weekend. WHY.

Anyways, hope everyone is having a good Monday!
Good internship ended on Friday and I got the job! I'm officially a trainer now and I love it. Now I have to start hustlin' and getting clients...and work on the fact that I'm painfully shy, haha. I'll get over it.  I've been spending my free time writing/studying workouts..I've filled half a notebook so far.

So, today I decided I'd post up one of my charts from my bodymedia, if anyone is interested, since I've been crankin' lately.

This was from Friday. 2235 calories burned for the whole day with only 7342 steps taken. The spike between 2pm and 4pm was my leg work-out, which burned a little over 300 calories.  I was up at 5am to get to work for 7, didn't train anyone until 10:30, which explains the big spike then...and I was obviously sitting from 8am-10am. I'm struggling to eat to 2200 though..I thought eating 2000 was leaving me stuffed, oh man..totally not complaining though!! I hope posting this helps anyone struggling to put on muscle or make the decision to choose lifting..I'm just over five feet tall and I've definitely screwed with my metabolism a lot in the past and I'm now in the process of fixing it by lifting and eating more and it is obviously working :)

Also, my arms are starting to look better since eating more! What up, what up.  Sorry about the almost boob shot, those suckas tend to get in the way..(especially when I'm doing upright rows. Yeah..)

I went out yesterday and did some shopping. Blowing my money on all totally practical stuff....;) I needed a lunchbox for work though, because I bring food everywhere, I also picked up some new placemats and a new mug for tea.

Can ya guess I'm half Irish? I rep it hard too.

My big new lunch box, it doesn't look it but when it opens up its actually pretty wide. Hopefully it fits all my food haha!

Thank you Target for making sure my tootsies will be given their own sugar fix via cupcakes. I bought a new "outfit" too...I love how gym clothes now double as work clothes.

I was done at work before 8am, so I headed to the gym early and started at the pull-up machine because I like to warm up supersetting pull-ups and push-ups and one of the new trainers there came up to me and complimented my work but told me my push-ups were whack (well, he was much more polite than that). Instead of doing them with my arms out wide, he told me to try 'em with my elbows pointed back.
Big freakin' difference! So much harder.  I know no one likes unsolicited advice, but if it's at the gym and from someone with half a brain..I'm not bothered by it. I mean I myself would never do it to someone, unless I was at work or knew the person, but I do appreciate help. I'm always looking for improvemnt and new ways to challenge myself.

Then I noticed he was wearing a Crossfit shirt, so I naturally had to pick his brain about that and he talked for a while about it and before I knew it homeboy had me doing box jumps onto benches and tabata squats. 

He showed me some other stuff and I asked him to help me out with my form on deadlifts and keeping my back straight.  He was happy to give me a hand and it was definitely very helpful because I go to the gym by myself and never have anyone to correct me or anything so it's hard to tell what I'm screwing up. So I ended up signing up for a free session with him, which is in a couple weeks. I told him to give me an all out Crossfit style work out. Finally I get to get my ass kicked!! Good times.

I'm off to eat, relax, run errands and catch up on blog reading, should be a nice afternoon :)

Dirt Talk;
  • Did you hear the rumor about Trader Joe's discontinuing their peanut flour? Is this a sign of the apocalypse or what?! There's always this, but still..
  • Planet Fitness, the worst gym ever? "The only thing they allow you to lift is a pizza box."
  • Does your backyard look like this too? We're getting another three day storm starting tomorrow...


  1. I was struggling to get 2000, but now my appetite (as well as just wanting to eat) has kicked in big time. I hit 2300 yesterday!

    And I went to TJ's today but they were fully stocked on peanut flour! I wonder if only some are dc ing it?

  2. Personal training is something I want to do one day... it seems like a silly goal because I know I could get certified if I would just sit down and study but a career change is a mighty intimidating thing. Granted, I could always just do it on the weekends and not change my career entirely but still. One day. I'll be interested in hearing what the experience is like for you though!

  3. Your shoulders are awesome girl - i want some definition like that!! I need to get a bodybugg at some point...where did you get yours? It looks fun to track!

  4. The cashier at TJs told me about the PB flour when I came through her line with some. I was.....distraught would be an understatement :) Apparently they only got it in the first place to appease gluten-free peeps, and now they're moving to another GF substitute. She said the store will continue to stock the PB flour until its warehouses run out, but then that will be that, and they're no longer in production. I almost want the removal to remain a secret so there will be more for me to horde :) thanks for sharing your graph. that is fascinating! i've been lifting like a mad woman lately and eating more to compensate...but oddly (or maybe it's NOT oddly), even though I've been eating more, my appetite has been absolutely through the roof. and my workouts have even been markedly shorter (just more intense, obvs). what gives?! on a related note, i see the spike from 2-4, during which you mentioned you had your leg workout; how long was your leg workout? thanks! love your blog!
    oh and (longest comment ever....not too mention abuse of parentheticals, good gravy) what is your fave use for PB flour?

  5. Ahhh those guns! Nice! I LOVE lifting. More reason to love it is the heafty burn, right?! And more food!

    So I'm totally guilty of doing the "easier" push-ups too. But I can crank out a few of the elbows-in push-ups- definitely a different group of muscles working.. I did/do crossfit and those box jumps are KILLER. For every inch of your body. And they're hard. Ug. Love 'em and hate 'em at the same time.

    Congrats on the new pt job!!! I think we're in the same shoes at the moment. I just got my ACSM cert and I'm so excited (but scared!) to get a Pt job. I'm a little shy too. :)

  6. J - thanks for the pb flour info! i'm with ya on wanting to keep it a secret so we can hoard it haha ;) i usually order mine online and i tried to a month ago and it said 'unavailable' so i guess that was a clue that something was up.
    it's definitely normal to have an increased appetite when you amp up your lifting! every time i switch to a new routine i get ravenous for a few days.
    also, my leg workout was a little over an hour, it's hard to tell in the graph though. the graph makes it look like it was longer.
    and my favorite use for peanut flour is to use it to make protein pancakes or toss a spoonful into a shake for a peanutty flavor :)
    thanks for your comment and good luck with your lifting!!

  7. Hi, just found ur blog. Question, i'm 5"4" and I weigh 105 pounds I left weights 5 days a week and have cut out cardio cause even eating 2500 calories a day I was losing now i seem to be maintaining. I notice my hairs falling out in chunks. Blood tests are fine. Could it be that my bodyweight is too low and to show more defintion do I need to gain some weight? i feel like all i do is eat.

  8. Hi!
    Are you eating enough protein and fats? 5'4 and 105 is a bit are your energy levels?

  9. I'm getting about 140-150 grams of protein a day and my energy is a little low.

  10. That should be enough protein, how about good fats?