Sunday, January 16, 2011

A day in the life of my tastebuds..

I've been wanting to have a day where I post a whole day's eats. Meals, snacks, everything..this is not that post..but I do plan on doing it soon!
It wouldn't be a wintery Sunday if I didn't start with protein pancakes for breakfast. (Who am I kidding? I eat these pretty much every other day..)

..but today I added cocoa powder to the peanut flour paste that I spread on 'em for a nice chocolatey addition to my morning :)

Blending the mix in the blender gets the egg whites good and fluffy.  After breakfast I relaxed for a bit before getting dressed for gym time. Right before I left I ate a banana-poop for extra energy:

Banana with chocolate almond butter and agave.  I could easily live off of this snack!  At the gym I did a lovely back work out that looked like this:
(4 sets of everything, 8-12 reps)
  • Pull-ups (these are sort of my warm-up, I like to do them first to use all my energy to get as close as I can to doing an unassisted one and then add assistance which was 60-70lbs today. 2 more pegs down and I got it..!)
  • One arm DB rows - 2 sets @ 35lbs/arm, 2 sets @ 40lbs/arm
  • Inverted rows - bodyweight
  • Face pulls
  • One arm cable rows - 35lbs/arm
  • Barbell rows - 60lbs
  • Stiff-legged dead lifts - 5x5 @ 95lbs
When I got home I whipped up a banana, strawberry and blueberry vanilla protein shake.  The specs of berries in it reminded me of funfetti cake. You can't really see them in the picture though :(

For lunch I needed to have something different.  The best way to get out of a food rut I've discovered is to force yourself out! So I decided to try making egg salad using egg whites (from a carton).  Very easy..cook 'em up in a frying pan like you're making an omelette and then smush 'em up with mayo, hummus, celery and black pepper! So. Good.

Carrots with ketchup (is that really that wierd? I've been told it is..), green beans with parm and I threw the egg white salad inside of a pita (Joseph's) with spinach and peppers.

Excuse that it's smudged all over my finger, haha. I did mention that I eat like a savage!

Yesterday Steve and I took a nice 3 hour round trip drive to the other side of the state to look at a Jeep that he ended up buying.  On the way home I talked him into stopping at Whole Foods. He's never been (and is totally not into "healthy" foods..). There are no Whole Foods within reasonable distance from where we live..but lucky for me we happened to drive by one :) :)

The loot:

Typical! Justin's chocolate almond butter, a packet of maple almond butter and Artisana coconut butter (my first time trying it!)

Butternut squash ravioli. Totally one of my favorite foods!

My favorite Luna flavor besides caramel nut brownie. I can't find cookies 'n cream in stores around here. booo. I definitely ate this yesterday with chocolate almond butter spread on top and honest to god got weak in the knees it was so good and chocolatey...

So, today we took the trip back to pick up the Jeep Steve bought yesterday because it needed to be trailered home.
Up on the trailer ready to go!  This Jeep looks just like mine, it's crazy. We plan on getting nerdy and taking side by side pictures of them. His and hers.

I ate dinner right when I got home. Nothing exciting..except the addition of coconut butter :)

 I felt like a dog with peanut butter on the roof of my mouth eating the taters with coconut butter because it hardened up a bit and got thick haha (hey now!). Still deeeelicious though.

Now it's 10pm and I have to be up at 4:45am to train someone at 6:30 and I still have to make my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow before bed. Monday is not looking promising! Goodnight! xoxo

Dirt Talk; What do you think about this?
This is so wild to me, because I constantly stuff my face in front of Steve..and usually eat more than him and he knows it. He also understands I'm trying to put on muscle (and I have drilled in his head that I will not end up looking like a she-hulk). We joke a lot about how much I eat..he's one of those whackos who can go days without eating and not keel over. I don't get it.


  1. Your protein pancakes look so good! Is that the recipe you posted before?

    And that is weird about that fact- I eat in front of Bryon too! Although it's funny though because now that I'm eating more the last time Bryon said, "It's so weird to see you eating like this- it's really cool!" I don't even think guys like when girls eat like birds, but so many women do!

  2. yep, same recipe :)
    I don't think guys like it either, I think I read somewhere that on first dates or something guys preferred when the girl orders a steak rather than salad.

  3. I love that coconut butter too! Yes it does get thick and stuck on the roof of my mouth too! lol!

    SO lucky you got some whole foods action, the closest is two hours from us, but I did just get to go in chicago, so I was happy : )

    Hope you have a great day!

    p.s. protein pancakes rock, I used to eat them everyday for a long period of time, I go through phases with stuff ; )

  4. Thats so funny, but its true that i DONT like to eat in front of my SO LOL. He never judges me but I sorta feel like a pig when I do! I'm silly though. Your food looks great!! i LOVE justins choco almond butter

  5. I find that statistic wierd. 60% seems really high. Have you tried macadamian butter?

  6. haha- I enjoyed your day of eats. Actually, I'd like to enjoy your day of eats via tasting but I'll settle for the pictures. ;)

    I love smoothies. :)
    Great workout!