Friday, November 19, 2010


Welcome to sweat and dirt : ) I promise it’s not as raunchy as it sounds!
I created this little slice of pie mainly to document my workouts and yummy healthy eats, but I also have a passion for anything with a roaring engine and a couple of wheels. So I’ll also be using this to post helpful car tips and easy do-it-yourself fixes too. Feel free to ask me any questions, I don’t bite. Unless you are pumpkin flavored.
Anyways, I catch a handful of crap from people for the way I eat (psht!) and how much time I devote to staying in shape. Who knew taking care of yourself could get such a bad rap! I’m just focused that’s all, and I don’t like eating food with stuff in it that I can’t pronounce. These days my main goal is gaining strength. I spend most of my workout time in the weight room, lifting as heavy as I can and I’ll do a little light cardio (usually incline walking) on my off' days.

Muslcles are hot! And they kick ass. I’m hoping my blog can inspire other ladies to hop off the treadmill for a bit and toss the 5lb dumb bells aside to pick up something heavy and train hard without the fear of “bulking up.”
A little background on me: I’m an overwhelmed college student majoring in automotive technology (and hopefully graduating in the spring..). I just finished an awesome personal trainer certification course and I’m not-so-patiently waiting for them to e-mail me my final exam results! I really can’t wait to get certified and start working with people. I have absolutely no regrets majoring in automotive, I learned more than I ever thought I would, but the field just isn’t working for me right now. So, hug your mechanic, it’s tough out there. I do enjoy working on my own trucks when I have the time (although instead of “working” I’m usually pacing back and forth swearing, throwing and slamming tools and kicking whatever I’m trying to fix).
This is my current project/pride and joy:

I treat that hunk of metal like a child. I really hate winter because I HATE the cold and I hate working in a cold garage. I know, no balls.  I guess that's all for now. I hope everyone enjoys my future crazy ramblings and go easy on me..I'm still trying to figure this all out and photography skills are non-existent!

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