Monday, March 14, 2011

McSweat and Dirt's Commandments of Lifting.

See what I did there? I'm all geared up for St. Patty's Day, it's like Christmas for me! ..and seeing Dropkick Murphy at the casino last night really got me into overdrive! (Can ya tell I'm Irish?)

The show last night was awesome, I was so happy to see Against Me, I hadn't seen them in a good five years and they've always been one of my favorite bands. After all those years they still played hard. all their glory...Dropkick!

I spent like half the show trying to get a good picture of the banjo player (I secretly wish I could play the banjo...) should see how many blurry banjo pictures are on my camera.

This was at the end. The singer came onto the floor and walked around the arena singing "Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced."  I tried getting Steve to put me on his shoulders and plow through the crowd. He wasn't as keen on this idea as I was.

So, today thank god I am on Spring Break (insert frat boy noises here) and don't have any clients today because I feel like a 90 year old who got hit by an 18 wheeler.  Going through a heavy chest and back workout and then going to a six hour concert (and walking around the casino!) makes you feel elderly I guess.  Man, I'm getting old :( Back in the day (oh god, hear how I'm talking now?!..) I'd get up and do it all over again like it was nothin'!
Oh yeah and the woman who searched my bag at the door wasn't pleased about all the tupperware in my purse.  Apparantly food's not allowed. But she let it slide!

Just for kicks, I compiled my Commandments of Lifting.
Try and contain your excitement..

  • Thou shall train thy body, not thy ego or thy gender. (You don’t need to train differently just because you sit down to pee!)
  • Thou shall not be afraid of failure, thou shall be afraid of failing to try.
  • Thou shall accept and learn to love that “comfort and ease are not often associated with progress and accomplishment in any endeavor” (-Mark Rippetoe)
  • Thou shall focus on feeling confident and strong and not a number on the scale.
  • Thou shall not give up and not make excuses. Have a plan, keep a journal, hold yourself accountable. Always stay focused and remember that nothing happens overnight. One day at a time!
  • Thou shall breathe.
  • Thou shall respect fellow lifters. Respect other people's space, don't hog equipment, don't be rude, let others work in between your sets if needed, offer to spot someone if they may need it, throw someone a pat on the back, we're all in this together!
  • Thou shall worship the iron.
  • Thou shall use progression.
  • Thou shall do what works for you, not for someone else. Billy biceps got ripped eating six bowls of lucky charms and a package of hot dogs for breakfast and never takes rests days. Tina triceps hasn't eaten a carb in eight years and is built like a linebacker. Does that mean doing these exact same things will work for you? Probably not, all our bodies are different!
  • Thou shall not ever attempt to spot reduce!
  • Thou shall keep it under an hour. If your work-out lasts longer than this, you're most likely either overdoing it or spending too much time resting/socializing.
  • Thou shall get plenty of sleep.
  • Thou shall properly fuel thy muscles. A bag of doritos isn't going to fuel your workout the way something like a banana with nut butter will. It's okay to eat crap, just not all the time.
  • Thou shall practice good form..or STOP.
  • Thou shall build machines, not use them. There are definitely exceptions to this, but your workout should be focused around free weights and barbells in order to get maximum results..I mean is there always going to be a machine helping you to move your arms and legs in your daily life? No, so why train with one?
  • Thou shall work thy entire body. I'm talking to your, Mr. Pizza slice ;)
  • Thou shall use basic, multi-joint movments. Squats, presses, deadlifts, pull-downs and rows..oh my!
Which one(s) are you most guilty of breaking?? For me it's getting enough sleep and daylight savings time is not going to help me with that either! I felt like sometimes there wasn't enough time in they day before we lost an hour..

Feel free add to the list in the comments! Serious and non-serious commandments accepted :)
I also wanted to thank everyone for their protein powder suggestions in my last post! I'm going to have to try a couple of them out, especially ON's cake batter :)

I also wanted to address the 3% body fat drop, since a couple people brought it up. Yes, I agree it's pretty drastic for sure! I'm sure it's not 100% accurate but it's as accurate as it can boss tests it every time (it's supposed to be done by the same person) first thing in the morning at work using snazzy electronic calipers. I also switched up my routine (upped most weights too) and made a couple big food changes, which I guess had more of an effect on it than I would have thought!
I just don't want anyone to think I did anything crazy like sawed off a hunk of my booty or something, ya know? I'll just have to see what my % comes out to be next week to tell if the last measurement was for real or not, because I was honestly a bit shocked too.

I'm off to drag myself to the garage to fix my daily driver Jeep. Oh joy! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


(I think she's doing a turkish get-up, holy cow!)


  1. LOVE this post! May I add, Thou shalt not grab five towels, leave them on five machines, and s l o w l y do 3 sets per machine, alternating machines? I know I know that's covered in yours but seriously, someone did that today and I believe there was steam coming out of my ears (side not, I normally don't use a lot of machines but on leg day I use 3 -- isolateral leg press, hack squat machine, and isolateral leg extension machine. And yes these machines were among the towelled. URGH).

    Also I've found the best way to get people to let you bring food into events is to have so much that they feel bad making you throw it all out. Bonus points if it's in sparkly tupperware and you go in the line being searched by the middle aged woman ;-)

  2. I really like your commandments :D

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  4. Is that 135lbs? totally intense

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