Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I'm sitting in my kitchen with Pandora's Irish Pub station jammin' with tonight's corned beef boiling behind me on the stove. It smells soo good!! I also just bought an ice cream maker, so I'm making green ice cream for dessert. Then Steve and I are going to The Old Dublin to hang out. I come from a long line of Connells and McDermotts, so we've always gotten real into St. Patty's Day..but since my grandma and my ma are both gone, it's up to me to carry the tradition strong :)

Since I have nothing else relevent to post here's today's
Blarney-Stone-Bustin' Chest/Back workout;
3 sets of each! (I shoot for heavy enough for atleast 6 reps, but no more than 8 without upping the weight.)
  • Pull-ups (60lbs assistance) supersetted with push-ups (amrap)
  • One arm dumb bell rows - 6-7 @ 40lb/arm
  • Chest press (w/dumb bells) - 6@ 70lbs
  • Chest flyes - 6@ 60lbs
  • Incline press (w/dumb bells) - 6@ 60lbs
  • Face pulls - 6-7 @ 90lbs
  • Low cable row - 8 @ 80lbs, 6-7 @ 80lbs
  • Wide lat-pulldown - 6 @ 80lbs

Ok, I'm done ;). Enjoy your day guys, be safe! xoxo
(P.S. I've been experimenting with the ice cream maker so I'll be posting up some protein ice cream recipes soon!)


  1. You have such long pretty hair! Mine has gotten really long since the last time I cut it. I looked noticed it a while back and was like Dayum! lol

  2. I want an ice cream maker so bad! I feel like the recipes you post are just going to make me want one even MORE ;-)

    Happy St Patty's Day! Enjoy your corned beef! :D

  3. loving your face. you are too pretty!!;)

  4. ice cream maker recipes! yay!!! I dont have a ice cream maker but want one! Happy Weekend! xoxo

  5. oh I'd like to add some whey protein to this recipe. thanks for posting. Yes you have nice hair too.

    Alex Rogers
    whey protein